After the success of Project Customize in Japan, A.C.G.T produced an anime based on the game with 28 episodes, series 2 is under production. It was never dubbed in English but subbed versions can be found online. The show takes place in late 2016, like the game, although the storyline is different and is a different canon. TakeOff Motorsports is a duo and not a trio like in the game where the third member is the player.

Cast Edit

  • Keiko Kitsuma (Annie Foxington): Some random voice actress with a stereotypical anime girl voice
  • Jun Fujiwara (Jason Ferguson):
  • Makoto Okami (Marcus Wulf):

Music Edit

  • OP theme: Kuruma o CUSTOMIZE! (The song fuses powerful J-Rock with Eurodance)
  • Keiko's theme
  • Ending theme: BATTLE

Differences between the anime and game Edit

  • The anime takes place in Tokyo and some other parts of Japan, unlike the game where it takes place around the world.